Wills & Trusts

Having a legally sound will in place ensures that your wishes are honored in addressing the distribution of property and other matters, when you pass away. The Oklahoma statutes for intestate succession (i.e., how your property is distributed) are patterned to follow the traditional family structure. This may or may not be what you desire to happen, and you should consult a legal professional on the need for a will.

Trusts are utilized to also ensure property is distributed according to your desires, but also have the benefit of being able to avoid the costs of probate. A probate action is often required by law to legally pass title in property to a person's heirs. An effective trust distributes the property without a court action. There are also specialized trusts that address specific needs, such as education, which may be useful in your case.

Your estate planning may also include advance directives (commonly known as a "living will"), and powers of attorney, when appropriate, which can also provide great benefits, to you and your loved ones. It may also be appropriate to utilize other legal entities, such as a limited partnership, to provide asset protection and avoid tax liability.

In addition, we can help you ensure that title to your property, beneficiary designations, and other documents are appropriately worded. This will ensure that the legal documents prepared for your estate planning are not rendered useless.